The rise and fall of the Bakassi Boys

TheĀ Bakassi BoysĀ are a group of Nigerian youth vigilantes known for their use of sorcery and dark magic orĀ JujuĀ as commonly used in the Nigerian slang to curbĀ crimeĀ more efficiently and ultimately eliminate all forms of vices in the south-eastern region of Nigeria, which according to the vigilante group includes robberies, ritual killings, kidnaping, and ironically even the practice of dark magic itself, as can be observed in the case of the charismaticĀ Eddy Nawgu, an alleged false prophet and occultist whom they killed and beheaded.

The Bakassi Boys are usually armed withĀ machetesĀ andĀ gunsĀ and an array of black magic artifacts andĀ JujuĀ worn around their body. They operate in theĀ IgboĀ area ofĀ NigeriaĀ and have been accused of extrajudicial killingsĀ of suspected petty thieves, armed robbers, ritual killers, murderers, corrupt persons, and generally anyone they considered evil. The manner in which they knew or discovered if one was evil or not was by the use of dark magic in which they placed a magical silver- colored machete on the chest of any suspicious person, and if the machete’s color changed from silver to blood red it meant the person had committed a heinous crime at some point in their life, and invariably such a person would be killed immediately.

In the south-eastern part of Nigeria, especiallyĀ Anambra State, they still enjoy popular support in the areas where they operate because the vices in the region have been greatly reduced since the inception of the vigilante group in 1998. According to publications by various Nigerian media houses, their greatest metaphysical power was their ability to be immune to gunshot wounds,Ā even when shot multiple times at close range, they wouldn’t flinch nor sustain any injuries. This metaphysical power was referred to asĀ OdeshiĀ amongst theĀ Igbo peopleĀ of Nigeria. OdeshiĀ is an Igbo word that means “It does not leak” or “it would not leak”, which meant if anyone shot them with a gun it wouldn’t pierce their skins hence their blood would not leak.

The Bakassi Boys have now rebranded and are now Anambra Vigilante Services (AVS) and have had their activities reduced significantly.

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