What breaks marriages???

Hi…… So on this topic so as not to be partial I’m not talking as a mother or father, a sister or brother, a wife or husband, a daughter or son, a grandma or grandpa, a Christian or Muslim, I’d be talking as a person who isn’t any of these things☺.

Five things that leads to broken marriages.

1) Lack of intimacy. Well we all know what I mean by lack of intimacy but to make it clear enough I don’t mean anything sexual. As a husband when last did you have a heart felt speech with your wife??? Where you’d tell her things you consider a secret to yourself, as a wife when last did you have a heart felt speech with your husband??? Where you’d talk about things you’d only tell your girlfriends and your mom. I know of a couple that only have a 30mins conversation when they a have a problem on deck or when they want to plan ahead of something. As a man your Spouse is supposed to be your best friend not one NIGGA. She is entitled to know and keep your biggest and deepest secrets which might be hard cause most men still live on a stereotype which says “you’ve to handle things all by yourself to prove you’re a man to the society”, but I’m letting it known to you that marrying her also meant agreeing to let her into your shell. As a woman your spouse is supposed to be your only gossip mate not one lady or your mom. He is meant to carry you and by that I mean your thoughts, plans, secrets, pains, agony, Embarrassment, dreams and future but how is he supposed to do this if he has no clue??? Sometimes ladies be so secretive and still complain that their husbands don’t get or know them enough, Babe you have to open your eyes he is not some sort of God, you’ve to tell him things for him to know he can’t read your mind just like you’d want him to, tell him how you dislike that single female neighbour coming around tell him how you feel uncomfortable alone with his male best friend HE NEEDS TO KNOW. In summary STOP SHUTTING YOUR SPOUSE OUT, its not gonna help you nor your marriage.

I’d post on the second thing that leads to broken marriages on Monday 15th June 2020…… Don’t read without liking and commenting. Invite people to follow me too Thank you

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